The Mazda Toyota Manufacturing Campus in Huntsville, AL recently announced an additional investment of $830 million to their current project to provide workers with enhanced training and higher quality equipment. Construction on this project began in 2019. To date, Sequatchie Concrete Service has supplied 300,000 cubic yards of ready mixed concrete. With the bulk of large concrete pours finished, Sequatchie Concrete Service is now focusing on smaller projects left to be completed on the site. In total, the Mazda Toyota Manufacturing Plant is estimated to hold 340,000 yards of concrete. The completion date is expected to be in the Spring or Summer of 2021. 4,000 employees will be on the ground at this manufacturing plant, with plans to produce up to 300,000 vehicles between Mazda and Toyota. At Sequatchie Concrete Service, we are immensely proud to be a part of this opportunity making venture in Huntsville.




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